Beale Street Music Festival! 

My favorite weekend is here...and I hope you will be able to attend our performance on Sunday night at 5:25 in the Blues Tent.  Get there early for a seat.  The weather is going to be great, and the bands later in the evening make it worth fighting the crowd and parking!  We'll be performing our new music on the new CD.  See you there!

Thanks for Coming! 

I'd like to personally thank everyone who came out and celebrated the release of "Worth the Gamble" with me! The turnout was incredible and I know that I had an awesome time. We hope that everyone is enjoying listening to the new album and don't forget to tell your friends! If you did not get a chance to pick up a copy of the album or a t-shirt, you can now purchase these items in the store on this site!

Thanks again!


SAVE THE DATE - CD Release Party on January 31 

Join me at BB KIng's Blues Club on Saturday, January 31, 5-8:30, to celebrate the long-awaited release of "Worth the Gamble!"  Copies of the actual CD will be on sale there for the first time at a one time special price.  We'll have t-shirts for sale and giveaways every 30 minutes.  I'll be performing the entire album which includes five original compositions, five covers and two bonus acoustic tracks.  The CD is available for pre-sale on iTunes with "Draw the Line" immediately downloadable.  You'll be able to order the CD and the t-shirt from the website starting on January 31.  I hope you'll agree that "Worth the Gamble" has been worth the wait!  

New CD is so close! 

I feel like I've been promising my new CD for a long time…but, it is really close.  We are in final production and should be done in a just a few weeks.  I hope to have it available by Christmas.  Thanks to everyone for your patience.  Look for 11 songs, four of which are originals.  "Worth the Gamble" will be worth the wait!

As 2013 Comes To A Close... 

I've lost track of how many times I have promised a release of "Worth The Gamble". The issue is that I just take this music so seriously. I never can allow myself to release anything that I am not completley satisfied with, and I want to present my fans with the best material that I can offer. The process of recording and producing this album has been a constant one step forward, two steps back. It will be worth it! (Pun intended). So hang in there guys. Days are long and nights are filled with work towards completing this project. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. See you in 2014!



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Stealin' the Soul

by Will Tucker

Will's first CD produced by Paul Speer and featuring his favorite blues selections, including his popular original, Your Sacrifice.

  1. 1 Born Under A Bad Sign 06:56
  2. 2 Burning Love 03:29
  3. 3 Johnny B. Goode 05:03
  4. 4 Little Wing 07:20
  5. 5 Stormy Monday 08:27
  6. 6 Walkin Thru the Park 03:26
  7. 7 When the Levee Breaks 05:24
  8. 8 You Don't Love Me 06:34
  9. 9 Your Sacrifice by Will Tucker 04:03
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